The Mediterranean Island
Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem is progressing

From January 16 to 18, the 2nd consortium meeting of the Mediterranean Island Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem [MICIE] project took place in Valetta (Malta). The meeting was hosted by Malta College of Arts Science & Technology at their premises. During the meeting, the partners discussed the progress of MICIE and especially the outcomes of the  analyses they conducted on innovation ecosystems across different countries and the best-practices that have been identified.

As part of the country analyses, countries which have a similar innovation ecosystem to Cyprus and Malta, as well countries that have a mature innovation ecosystem, were analysed. Best practices from similar innovation ecosystems that are particularly relevant  include, the Azores, which like Cyprus and Malta is dependent on tourism -an economic activity that threatens sustainability-, and Crete and their IBO [Innovative Business Observatory] which supports the island’s Research and Innovation. 

Best practices extracted from the analysis of mature ecosystems highlighted the importance of investing in human resources, cooperating across ministries, economic sectors and international territories, and of monitoring the results of their R&I investments using KPIs. 

The project consortium is currently at the Stakeholders Mapping phase, which will help with the organisation of national workshops with key stakeholders. A Governance Analysis will follow to determine whether the current governance system in Cyprus and Malta is supportive or restrictive to the implementation of a framework for creating cleantech innovation ecosystems.

Stay tuned to learn more! 

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